How Grace Counseling Works

How Grace Counseling Works...
My professional training is in "Systems" or "Family Therapy" (MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, Reformed Seminary, Jackson, MS, 1997). If you have ever wondered "why you do what you do" (and who hasn't!) this is a very helpful approach. I help people understand and undo cross generational patterns of behavior and communication that keep them from being who they want to be.   
I also served for 15 years as a Presbyterian Minister (M.Div., Reformed Seminary, Jackson, MS, 1995) and have 10 years of experience as a pastor). For those who request, I provide spiritual guidance. Also...not sure about God, Christ, and all that Bible stuff? Don't be put off. I will meet you where you are at. I quit beating people over the head a long time ago! Let's get together and talk and see where it goes. 
I am here to help you with the following:
  • Marriage Intimacy and Communication.

Tire of fighting? Want to be closer? Let's get together and deal with those failed expectations. Got baggage? Let's find the freedom to let things go and find an acceptance of each other that will be healthful to each other.

  • Shame Based Behaviors
Addicted to performance, perfectionism, co-dependency?? Do you have hidden habits connected to sex and other "feel good" drugs? Are you always tired and never feel you "make the grade"? Let's work together to find a healthier identity.
  • Blended Family
Do you have "yours, mine, and ours"? Feeling guilty? Not sure where the boundaries are between kids and spouses? Let's take a guilt free journey together, clarify expectations, and find some rest!           
  • Depression, anger, and anxiety?
Been down too long? Not sure how to deal with angry emotions? Is it even ok to be angry? Let's process together how to deal with Depression and should go. Let's work together towards emotional freedom.   
Call me at 772.643.5849 for an appointment. Email me with questions at 
Hear from you soon!
Brent Holladay or call 772-643-5849

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